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About Us

Encouraging a Christ-Driven Life

Set Your Talks Ablaze - rebranded in 2024 - prayerfully aims to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to share the beautiful stories of our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. 


The mission is to share the gospel through three formats:

  1. Scripture 

  2. Testimony

  3. Conversation


We pray that this podcast would ignite a spark inside your heart, so that you may be encouraged to form a personal relationship with Jesus, and to challenge you to live a Christ-Driven life. 



Our Story

Set Your Talks Ablaze was originally founded in 2022 with a focus on passion driven stories. The most meaningful conversations and stories come to life when people are truly passionate about that topic or subject. Our podcast name was inspired by a character, Kyojuro Rengoku, from Demon Slayer - an anime - my wife, Jasmine, and I enjoyed together.  Rengoku exemplified passion, honor, dedication, and spirit. Rengoku's notable phrase in the show, "Set your heart ablaze" sparked inspiration to set conversations ablaze with people about their passions in life.  

In October, 2023 - there was a much greater spark that ignited into flame.  There is someone else who epitomizes passion, honor, dedication, and spirit.  That person is Jesus Christ - the one who gave up His life to give the gift of grace and salvation to you and me.


The passion driven story of Jesus, and the joy it brings me everyday sparked a strong desire to share the message of the gospel, as well as the testimonies, and stories of fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to challenge and encourage you to live a life driven by Jesus and His word. I pray we can all share this journey to live a life driven by the Word together!

Meet The Team

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