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Is Bad Music Better than No Music?

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Have you ever felt happy while listening to a song? How about sad, or angry? If you answered, "yes," then you obviously know how music can affect your mood. Did you know that playing an instrument engages almost all the parts of your brain? This means that music is a legitimately a work out session for your brain. This is, in part, due to the fact that music is processed in both hemispheres of the brain.

I'm not a doctor who specializes in the brain, but I do know that I love my right-brain more than my left - meaning I am more into visualization, art, rhythm, intuitive thinking, etc. I still definitely love the left brain a lot which is more known for thinking in a linear way, logic, sequencing, facts, etc. The list goes on. Why the hell am I talking about left and right brain?

Well - as I stated above - music is processed in both hemispheres - as are most brain processes, but - take this opinionated statement however you will - music uses both sides more. I used to be under the impression that music was more or less dominated by the right-brain. I was clearly wrong, but that's the beauty of music isn't it? Many people think of music as something "creative, artsy, and/or lyrically talented" people do - which is true - but that's not all that it takes to create great music.

When you compose - you're not just being creative - you're using the linear thought process to line up a composition in a logical and sequenced way. This pattern recognition is utilized by the right brain that can visualize this sequence before it's even laid down in recording. Furthermore, the right brain is consistently using its dominance in rhythm to support the left brain's thoughts to put into words, lyrics, or music notes. The collaboration between both hemispheres is actually pretty fucking incredible.

Now if you're still reading - then jeez - how the hell did I get you to do that? I'm kidding! I'm getting to the point.

Music that is coming out today is FUCKING TRASH. I mean, don't get me wrong. There are still real artists out there, but mainstream music has fucking turned the industry into goddamn mumble-twerk-auto-tune zombies that probably are using fucking AI BOTS to create their fucking music for them.

It's a nightmare for me to turn on the radio these days. Drake just put out an album - and LISTEN. I honestly was never a drake fan, but the way music's been these days, I was HYPE when I heard he was dropping one. Then I listened to a few of the songs...Drake...if you were still actually passionate about your craft - you would have never come out with an album like that. He's never going to read this, so I'm really just venting, but WHAT THE FUCK?! This is speaking to all genres by the way.

Music uses both sides of the brain! The music I hear makes me want to use less than 1% of my brain listening to it! FUCK! Let's really think about this objectively. Do you know where some of the most complex, unique, and ground-breaking compositions come from? I mean - still unrivaled to this day - are the symphonies created by composers that died close to a century ago, if not more than.

Real compositions target more than just an audience or demographic. It targets the brain. The brain receives input universally, which is why music is so universal. It doesn't matter what language you speak, what sex you are, what country you're from, or what religion you are. Music speaks to you individually. Music breaks your heart. Music mends your heart. Music boosts your mind. Music hones your focus. Music helps you love. Music helps you move on.

The majority of music published targets an audience or demographic. Music is no longer focused on its true target. If you enjoy it - great. I'm not saying to boycott music coming out. I'm just disappointed. I'm disappointed that in probably one of the biggest surges in content creators and independent artists coming out - I see so many chasing that mainstream goal, or maybe it's the media blocking out all the real ones, or maybe it's the fact that I'm so jaded, it's hard for me to find them.

Maybe it's time to go back to the underground.

Let's talk about it. Set Your Talks Ablaze - Season 2 is coming out, and we want to hear your thoughts! Share with us!

What are your thoughts on music today? And the real question...Is bad music better than no music?

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